Sunday, April 8, 2018

Yearly yearbook

The 2018 year book will be given out at the April 12th meeting.

Sydney Edison "A Lifetime of Gardening"

Thank you Sydney for sharing your so many year's of gardening stories with all of us.
Such an inspiring night and so much more new gardening ideas for us all to  try and enjoy.

Guest Sydney Edison
Place: The Meeting House
Presenter: Sydney Edison "A Lifetime of Gardening"

Sydney Eddison's latest offering, Gardening for a Lifetime:
How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older,  presents the
distilled wisdom of a lifetime of gardening in an entertaining
and logical manner. Each chapter is a narrative followed by a
summary of key points. Eddison, the author of seven books,
speaks with candor and insight.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Victory Garden 2017

It was a great year for our three rows in the Victory Garden.  We planted and harvested over 60lbs of tri color purple, red and white potatoes, Spinach, Carrots, Tomatoes, Beets, Purple and Green Beans and various squash, totalling more than 200lbs of Fresh Organic food for the local food panty.  Thank you to Tammara and all our volunteers for a successful year!

Friday, February 9, 2018

 Newtown Horticulture Club held its annual Feb. meeting for programming and events while enjoying a great lunch .   The 2018  programming committee volunteers are George Miller, Dottie Evans, Joan Cominski, Kate Wagner, Tammara McMahon-Schriefer, Cindy Miller and Kris Atwood.  We  are all looking forward to a great year of new programs and events.

Would you like to volunteer?  We would welcome your help.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Subscribe to Garden Design

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Garden Design comes to you in four issues one for each season: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The Winter 2018 issue is a great one to start off with! But, hurry the Winter Issue will only be availlable until feb 28th, so order now!  

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

2017 Dec. Holiday Party

What a great time at Susan Cameron's home.
Catered food was so delicious, many second helpings by ..... a lovely holiday evening.
Happy Holidays!
Hello everyone,

Another great evening with the Horticulture Club of Newtown!    Last night was so much fun and a fantastic way to end our 2017 events.  First of all I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Susan Cameron for hosting the party at her beautiful and warm home, it was the perfect place to enjoy each other’s company, eat the delicious meal, sip a glass of wine and sit by the fireplaces.    I know you all feel the same as all I heard were happy exclamations from everyone as they were having their second helping of that amazing lemon mousse!  

I would also like to thank everyone for the extremely thoughtful gifts including the centerpiece, gift card, the cardinal ornament that is already hung by the chimney with care, and the vintage silver pin.   I love them all!   I would also like to thank John for the beautiful arrangement he made for me with the orchid, scarborough lily and false onion.   I do promise to give the vase back.  It is so pretty!  

It was wonderful to catch up with many that we don’t see very often, welcome previous members back and catchup on our busy lives.  Congratulations to Tom and Carol Johnson on the birth of their first grandson.  Maybe they will spend more time up north !

Michael and I would like to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a blessed, happy and healthy New Year !  


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Annual Holiday Party 2017

We will be holding our Annual Holiday Party on Friday December 8, 2017 at the lovely home of Susan Cameron.  The evening will start at 6:30.  We will have the evening catered and the cost will be $20 per person.   Guests are welcome at the cost of $25.  In order to put most of the cost into a great main course, sides and dessert we would like a few volunteers who can bring an appetizer and a few who could bring a bottle of wine.   The club will pay for soft drinks, paper goods and the balance of the cost of the catering.     

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hollister House visit, Washington, CT

Hollister House is an amazing place which has been written up in countless home and garden publications, it showcases an English style garden with some formality but touched with abundance and a “ little wild style planting.   They offer tours through the Garden Conservancy and garden workshop weekends in the fall. 

Here is a link if you would like to learn more.   Hollister House:

Monday, May 15, 2017

Victory Garden Volunteers

Hello All,
Calling all Green Thumbs!  

As I mentioned in the meeting the other day we are looking for volunteers who can commit to 1-2 hours a week to help out at the Victory Garden.   Tammara has offered to be the “Project Manager” but she needs more help in order to keep the garden going.  She, Rich and Brendon have spent the last four years working almost exclusively by themselves with Tammara doing most of the work.  As we have seen she has done a spectacular job with planting and maintaining the garden.   This year we would like to get a few of us to share this community event with her.  

It is my understanding that the town comes to till the soil,  we would need a couple of planting dates to match the weather and then weeding, watering, picking and delivering the vegetables.  Watering is less when we have rain and weeding is probably more when we have rain!    Generally there are other clubs and people at the garden to keep you company or to share with delivering the veggies.  

Tammara has asked for a minimum of three volunteers.   I will be the first with a commitment of 1-2 hours a week.   Is anyone else interested to participate in maintaining our three rows?  Can you please let either or Tammara know by Friday or we will have to let our rows go.  That is not something we want to do and we can hope we can keep it going.  

Thank you all for your consideration! 

The World of Peonies

 Cricket Hill Gardens-The World of Peonies

Presenter:  Dan Furman, owner
 Cricket Hill Garden is a specialty plant nursery located in Thomaston, CT, which grows
 rare and    unusual peonies as well as perennial landscape edibles.  Kasha and David Furman 
founded Cricket Hill Garden in 1989, with a focus on Chinese tree peonies. It was one of the first nurseries in the United States to sell true-  to-name varieties of these rare plants.
 Dan presented at our May meeting about peonies and their ideal conditions and how to incorporate them into  your landscape.The varieties and which have the best fragrances as well as plants were there for sale.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

7th annual gardening guru's trade and swap

A great swap and trade today at Dickenson Town Park, it rained  but we were under the pavillion. Lots of great stuff, learning, fun and of course those delicious doughnuts and bagels.  It was great to have a coffee along with the excitement of  the wonderful new gardening bonanza .  Next to plant and grow all these new treasures.

Thanks Joan you make the best bagels and doughnuts!

Dottie came with amaryllis and instructions to share

Thank goodness for Chris  and her gardening cart.

Look at the acorn wow is it fall?